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Probation Violations in Boca Raton

Charged with violating the terms of your probation?

Many people who have been charged with a crime end up being sentenced to probation rather than receiving a jail sentence. Probation is usually given as a second chance to allow the individual to remain in society as long as they follow specific guidelines. This type of alternative is generally granted in cases where the individual does not pose a threat to society.

Unfortunately, if any terms of the probation order are violated, the individual could end up having their probation revoked and end up being sentenced to even more jail time. Violating a probation order does not automatically result in a prison sentence, but it will depend on the specific violation. If you are facing these charges, team up with a Boca Raton criminal defense attorney from the Law Offices of Richard Tendler.

How Probation Can Be Violated in FL

The ways in which a probation order can be violated depends on the specific terms of the order. Depending on the original offense, the conditions of probation can vary greatly. The general conditions that are found in a probation order include:

  • Reporting to a probation officer for scheduled meetings
  • Attending schedule court hearings
  • Abiding by a curfew
  • Maintaining employment
  • Paying fines or restitution to the victims of the offense
  • Fulfilling community service orders
  • Not violating laws
  • Not committing any crimes
  • Not traveling to restricted areas

If you violate any of these terms or other terms present in your order, you could be facing charges for a probation violation. Examples of violating a probation would be if you are arrested for a new crime, fail to pay a fine, fail to appear in court or at a meeting with a probation officer. Oftentimes, people are accused of violating their probation but there was actually just some sort of misunderstanding. It is beneficial to have an experienced criminal lawyer in Boca Raton to defend you against your probation violation charges.

Probation Violation Penalties in Florida

There are several different consequences that can follow a probation violation and much of the result depends on the probation officer. Oftentimes, they just offer a warning if the violation was minor and there are not previous violations. Other times, the probation officer can order a probation violation hearing and issue a warrant for your arrest. Some of the violations that can be ordered at the violation hearing include:

  • Extension of your probation order
  • Revocation of probation
  • Incarceration
  • Additional conditions added to current probation order

There is a burden of proof that lies on the prosecution in these cases and the proof is based on a preponderance of evidence. This ultimately means that there does not necessarily need to be compelling evidence against you that you violated your probation order. This type of burden of proof means that you 'probably' committed the offense, making it easier for the prosecution. When defending against these charges, you need aggressive legal counsel to help.

Team up with the Law Offices of Richard Tendler

There are several ways that I, Attorney Richard Tendler can help in your defense. The first method is to prove that you are actually innocent and there was some sort of misunderstanding. Second, I can help prove that there is insufficient evidence for conviction. If the evidence does not prove a violation or if evidence was obtained illegally, you have a solid defense against the charges. Lastly, there are ways to negotiate with the probation officer that you had a lapse in judgment and it will not happen again. By showing remorse, your charges could be reduced. Contact my firm today to schedule a consultation and get started in building your defense!

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